Dr Gundry And Avocadoes

By | April 14, 2021

Written by sophie anson & dr. hugh melnick and i know it’s hard, but you will be having fruit again soon. the exceptions to this rule are avocadoes and olives. you may have both. speaking of avocados, eat one every day. or two. remember – we aren’t counting calories. a burger or two topped with avocado and bacon makes a great dinner.

Not everyone loves eating an avocado, however, let me tell you how wonderful avocadoes are when used as a superfood drink base. most people think of bananas or milk as the best superfood base. but the avocado is a super healthy option to thicken up your superfood drink’s texture..

A turkeytearian .been since 95. i also have copd diagnosed in 07 never ever smoked a day in my life 49.102 lbs. been on steroids( pill form 20mg it changes. & always in the hospital. so you see. no judgement from me. good look to everyone and their goals.o & my potassium is always low. my dr recommend a banana 2times a day..